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Bright Beam HR Consultants can undertake Stakeholder Engagement Surveys to help organisations gauge the level of satisfaction and different opinions that employees hold with reference to organisational and competitive policies.

Our stakeholder engagement surveys include:

  1. Internal Stakeholder surveys - Internal stakeholder surveys include engagement surveys of different cadres of employees of an organisation; and
  2. External Stakeholder surveys - External Stakeholder surveys include all key stakeholders who have an interest in the success of the organisation. This could include Public or Institutional Share Holders, Vendors, Suppliers, Lenders or Financial Institutions, Customers and Key Client Accounts, External Consultants, Analysts, Media and Distribution Channel partners.

Internal Stakeholder surveys:

Internal Stakeholders surveys include:

  1. Employee Satisfaction Surveys;
  2. Employee Compensation Surveys; and
  3. Employee Motivation Surveys.

External Stakeholder surveys:

External Stakeholder surveys include:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys;
  2. Distribution Channel Partners Satisfaction Surveys;
  3. Vendor Satisfaction Surveys; and
  4. Brand Perception Study among the public, media, analysts or customers.

For more information about our Stakeholder Surveys please feel free to write into us at info (at) brightbeamhr (dot) com or call us at + 91 11 43509131.

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