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Bright Beam HR provides a range of consulting services to corporates including:

a) Manpower Recruitment & Talent Acquisition search; and

b) Stakeholder Engagement Surveys - We plan to offer these services soon and are in the process of putting up an operational team for the same.

c) Labour Laws & Industrial Relations Consulting - Legal Consulting Services for:

  1. Drafting, Documenting Labour Contracts, Regulations & Compliance Rules - Drafting, documenting, compiling Contracts pertaining to Labour Regulations, Laws as extant in the Indian and Foreign Labour Systems.
  2. Regulatory Compliance Audit - Regulatory & Industrial Relations Compliance Audit for Manufacturing & Services organisations as relevant to the existing Labour Laws of the Country of establishment or operations of the Business or Not for Profit organisation.    

a) Manpower Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Search:

Bright Beam HR Consultants undertakes recruitment assignments for some of the leading listed and non - listed MNC's and Transnational's in the country. Our consultants are attuned to the acute need of closing positions fast and servicing clients so that the strategic organisational projects don't get delayed.

We work on both forms of recruitment:

  1. Retainership based consulting - We undertake retainership based consulting when a position is of strategic importance to the client organisation and the organisation needs dedicated resources to fulfill the position ASAP. We allocate a team of consultants with a Sr. Consultant at the helm to ensure that the recruitment deadlines are met and the position is closed with in the time frame allocated for it. For a retainership based consulting we work exclusively for the client on an assignment and close the position. For more information on our Retainership based consulting fee please feel free to call us on + 91 11 43509131 or drop us a mail at info (at) brightbeamhr (dot) com; and
  2. Contingency based consulting - Based on routine requirements of clients we provide then with contingency based consulting where we work with resources which are shared. For more information on our Contingency based consulting fee please feel free to call us on + 91 11 43509131 or drop us a mail at info (at) brightbeamhr (dot) com.

b) Stakeholder Engagement Surveys:

Bright Beam HR Consultants can use its expertise in Market Research to undertake stakeholder engagement surveys to gauge the level of satisfaction and or business issues that stakeholders of an organisation are facing. Our stakeholder surveys are of two kinds:

  1. Internal Stakeholder or Employee Surveys - Our consultants believe that employee surveys provide a very robust mechanism for feedback from the employees on various issues which are of vital importance to the success of an organisation. Transparent communications are a cornerstone to sound business practices. The sooner you survey your workforce, the deeper insight the management gets into issues which the organisation is facing. Employee surveys throw up data about all aspects of business right from customer satisfaction, company's perception in the eyes of the customer, job satisfaction and motivation levels and clarity on organisational objectives. Engaged employees are an asset for the business and this also helps lower turnover. Periodic surveys help keep the organisational policies in sync with the industry and competitive environment so that the organisation can pro-actively react to competitive pressures; and
  2. External Stakeholder Surveys - External Stakeholder surveys can cover a range of topics and stakeholders right from End Consumers to Key Institutional Clients, Shareholders or the General Public, Financial Institutions or Lenders, Vendors, Suppliers, External Consultants, Analyst and the Media.

For more information about Stakeholder Engagement Surveys kindly go to the relevant section of the website or click here or call us at + 91 11 43509131. 

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