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Bright Beam HR Consultants Logo.Bright Beam HR Consultants is a conception of an avid Marketing and Market Research professional who wanted to provide quality consulting services to corporates. This was also an opportunity for the founder's zeal to learn new things and step into a hitherto unknown forte where he would have to begin from the scratch. Steeped in the disciplines of Marketing, Sales & Distribution and Market Research, Human Resource Consulting was a new cup of tea for the founder who wanted to try his management skills in the field.

Since its inception Bright Beam HR Consultants has managed to rope in some of the industry leading firms in different verticals as clients. Bright Beam has been fortunate to serve these industry leaders and has helped these industry captains attain their goals of growth and expansion through providing timely and efficient HR consulting.

Our team would be glad to be of service to you as well.

Our consultants come with an in depth experience in the field of management consulting where they have handled mandates including managing and running key SBU’s & service lines of big Multi-National-Companies. They have consulted some of the leading organizations for their market strategies including corporate communications, human resource consulting and retail & merchandising for FMCG products.

In case you would like more information about our services then please feel free to mail us at: Team HR or call us at: +91 11 43509131. Our team shall revert to you ASAP.

For detailed resumes and backgrounds of our consultants please get in touch with us through the Contact Us page in this website or mail us.

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